Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 1
Date Aired
9/22/2004 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
A close-up of an opening eye shows the pupil contracting. The tops of trees in a bamboo grove are seen through the eyes of man (who is later identified as Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox)) lying on his back in the jungle. A Golden Labrador Retriever dog trots past through the trees. Obviously confused to how he arrived there, the man gazes about at the idyllic surroundings when his memories rush back to him. With great effort, he sits upright, revealing blood on his shirt. He bolts upright and runs pell-mell through the jungle, emerging at a beach strewn with the wreckage of a jet airliner and almost 50 confused survivors of the crash. It is later revealed that the plane was torn apart in mid-air while travelling from Australia to the United States. The fuselage of the jet is still burning and one of the engines is still in operation, though its speed waxes and wanes due to no apparent cause. On the beach, Jack moves quickly among the survivors attempting to administer medical aid, identifying himself as a medical doctor. With the help of other survivors, he pulls a man with a severed leg from underneath the fuselage. When he notices a pregnant woman (whom we later meet as Claire (Emilie de Ravin)) complaining of possible labor pains, he directs a nearby survivor (whom we later meet as Hurley (Jorge Garcia)) to help her. Chaos continues as the fuselage continues to burn and disintegrate. A male survivor is sucked into the jet engine, which explodes, sending debris raining on the beach. Jack administers CPR to a woman (later identified as Rose) unconscious on the beach. In a later flashback, it is revealed that Jack was seated across the aisle from the woman on the plane and was conversing with her at the moment that plane lost cabin pressure. She had been accompanied by her husband, who had left his seat to go the lavatory. Jack had told her that he would fill in for her husband and stay by her side until her husband came back.</p> After administering aid to the others, Jack takes a sewing kit from a suitcase and slips off into the jungle to examine the wound on his left side. He sees a young woman (who later identifies herself to the unconscious man as Kate (Evangeline Lilly)) standing nearby and drafts her to sew up his wound, calming her by telling her the story of his first solo surgical procedure, where he conquered his fear during an emergency by "letting the fear" in, but only for five seconds. It is also revealed through their conversation that the plane disintegrated in the air, with the tail section of the plane having fallen off (Kate claims she saw the whole thing, while Jack says he blacked out before that). On the beach, Jack tends to an unconscious male survivor who is badly injured by a fragment of the fuselage embedded in his torso. Kate asks Jack if he thinks the man will live, and informs him that she was sitting next to him during the flight. Other survivors (including the father and son we later meet as Michael (Harold Perrineau Jr.) and Walt (Malcolm David Kelley)) congregate and discuss what to do with the bodies still in the fuselage. We briefly encounter the character later identified as Sawyer (Josh Holloway), lounging nonchalantly on his back on the beach. The character we later meet as Hurley salvages meals from the plane's galley and distributes them, giving two to the pregnant woman he helped (her labor pains were false, but it is revealed she is eight months pregnant). A young woman whom later meet as Shannon (Maggie Grace) petulantly refuses a chocolate bar offered by her male companion (whom we later meet as Boone, her step-brother (Ian Somerhalder)) on the grounds that she will eat on the "rescue ship" when it arrives. Among the survivors, there is a general expectation that they will be rescued at any time. A character who identifies himself as Sayid (Naveen Andrews) organizes the clean-up of the beach. In the evening, beyond the light of their fire, the peacefulness of the waiting is interrupted by loud terrifying noises from the nearby jungle, punctuated by the crashing of trees. The source of these noises seems invisible or hidden, and is later referred to as "The Monster". (Note: Online fan forums also refer to the Monster as "The Creature" or "Lostzilla".) The next day, Rose remarks that the sounds remind of where she used to live - The Bronx, New York. The next day, Jack decides that in order to be rescued, the survivors will need to send a radio message using the transceiver of the aircraft, which is located in the cockpit, which broke off in the air (In doing so, Jack reveals to Kate that he took a few flying lessons but that it "wasn't for him"). Based on Kate's descriptions of the location of smoke, he sets off into the jungle, accompanied by Kate at her insistence, as well as by a character we meet as Charlie (Dominic Monaghan). As the trio walks away from the beach, they are observed from the brush by the dog encountered in the opening scene. Kate tells Charlie he looks familiar, and he reveals to her that he is the bassist in a band called Drive Shaft. As the trio advances into the jungle, they are drenched by a sudden rainstorm. They encounter the nose section of the plane, which is sitting at a steep angle in the trees. The three of them, led by Jack, climb into the nose and scale the steep floor, where Jack pries open the cockpit door. Inside he and Kate find the pilot, still in his seat, who awakens suddenly. The pilot reveals to Jack and Kate that the plane had lost radio contact before the crash, and had changed course towards Fiji. They were, in his reckoning, 1000 miles off course and thus no one knows where they are. The pilot locates the transceiver, but he cannot get it to function. Meanwhile on the beach during the same rainstorm, a group of the survivors huddles in part of the fuselage. The conspicuous exception is an older man (whom we later meet as John Locke (Terry O'Quinn)) who sits alone in the rain on the beach with his arms outstretched up the air, as if glorifying in the rain itself. A young Korean couple (whom we later meet as Jin-Soo and Sun-Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim and Yoon-jin Kim)) huddles under part of the fuselage. The man tells the woman in Korean to stick close to him at all times. In the jungle, the conversation in the cockpit is interrupted by loud noises from outside the plane, accompanied by mechanical thrashing identical to the "Monster" heard by the other survivors on the beach. The pilot attempts to investigate by climbing out a broken cockpit window. To the horror of the others, he is seized by some unseen presence while halfway out the window and disappears. Jack grabs the transceiver and he and Kate exit the cockpit in terror. Kate notices that Charlie has disappeared. He suddenly emerges from the lavatory to the suspicion of Kate. As the three run from the "Monster", Charlie is nearly taken by it and Jack leaves Kate to return to fetch him. She calms herself by counting to five as Jack had suggested. Later as the three walk back towards the beach they encounter the pilot's bloodied body suspended in the tree tops.
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