Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 10
Date Aired
12/1/2004 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
Angered by Jack's suggestion that she wasn't really attacked and his advice to take a mild sedative, Claire leaves the cave alone and heads for the beach. Charlie catches up to her shortly before she is overcome by contractions; on the way to get Jack, he finds Ethan and tells him to relay the message. Charlie manages to calm Claire down, and the contractions end.In flashbacks, we learn that Claire was flying to Los Angeles on the advice of a psychic who had initially warned her not to let anyone else raise the child, but claimed he'd found a "good" couple in the U.S. to adopt the baby. After she tells Charlie her story, the two conclude the psychic's insistence that Claire take the doomed flight indicated he'd known about the crash.An ailing Sayid returns to camp and tells the others he found the woman on the recording, and Hurley reveals that one of the island's inhabitants (apparently Ethan) was not listed on the flight manifest as one of the plane's passengers. Simultaneously, Ethan ominously accosts Claire and Charlie in the jungle.
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