Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 11
Date Aired
12/8/2004 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
Haunted by flashbacks to his relationship with his alcoholic father (particularly one episode where he vainly attempts to perform CPR on a patient on the operating table after his father fatally botches the surgery), Jack follows Locke into the jungles in pursuit of Ethan, who has kidnapped Claire and Charlie. The good doctor soon splits off on his own, against Locke's suggestion to follow quietly. Eventually, Jack returns and two parties form up: Jack and Kate follow a trail left behind by Charlie, while Locke and Boone track a series of footprints.During an episode of rain, Jack and Kate get separated. Jack stumbles down an embankment after hearing the Monster let out its unearthly bellow, and when he comes to at the bottom, Ethan is standing over him. The two men struggle, but the mysterious outsider gets the upper hand, and he warns Jack that if he continues to follow, he will kill one of the hostages.Kate soon comes to Jack's aid, and the pair follows Ethan's path until they come across Charlie, blindfolded and hanged by his neck from a tree branch. They cut him down, and Jack furiously performs CPR — despite Kate's pleas that it's a lost cause — until Charlie coughs his way back to life.The episode ends at nightfall, with Jack, Kate, and Charlie back at the caves, where Charlie reveals that it was Claire that Ethan wanted all along, and with Boone and Locke somewhere in the jungle, where they discover a piece of metal embedded in the ground — which is not shrapnel from the plane.
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