Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 13
Date Aired
1/12/2005 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
After witnessing him talking with Shannon, Boone confronts Sayid, telling him to stay away from his sister. Before things turn violent – Locke drags Boone away. They have bigger fish to fry… In the jungle, Boone tries to convince Locke to tell the others about the secret hatch. If not everyone, he insists Shannon should know. Locke disagrees, and when Boone repeats his threat to tell everyone about their discovery, Locke takes drastic action… Meanwhile, a starving Hurley is shadowing Jin as he fishes in the shallows, with precious little success. Suddenly, Hurley howls in pain as he treads on the razor sharp spines of a sea urchin. Back on the island, Kate and Sun are working together in a garden. A relaxed Sun drops her guard – and bursts out laughing at something Kate says. Kate stares at her in amazement. Sun can speak English… On the beach, Hurley begs for help from Jin – he wants him to urinate on his foot to ease the pain! Despite his lack of English, Jin understands. And flatly refuses… Back in the jungle, Boone struggles to free himself from the bonds that tie him to a tree. The knife Locke left behind lies tantalisingly out of reach. The sound of Shannon's screams make him redouble his efforts. And then he hears another sound. The monster is heading their way…
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