Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 14
Date Aired
1/19/2005 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
A frustrated Michael scans the jungle, searching for Walt. He eventually finds his son in the forest with Locke. Who is teaching the boy how to throw hunting knives… Furious, Michael turns on Locke – and their heated discussion ends in violence as an over-protective Boone launches himself at Michael. Locke breaks up the fight, and advises Michael to let his 'special' son realise his full potential. Michael orders him to keep his distance. Shaken, Michael decides he has to get Walt off the island, and tries to recruit the others to help him construct an escape raft – but with little success. Meanwhile, Charlie discovers that Claire's diary is missing, and confronts Sawyer about it. He eventually retrieves it – but not without a struggle… Michael then comes across Locke with Walt again, and issues a final warning. If he catches Locke with his son one more time, he'll kill him. After this latest row with his father, Walt heads into the jungle with Vincent. But a sudden noise startles them and the dog breaks free from Walt, who runs after him into the deep forest. Meanwhile, Locke has teamed up with Michael to find the missing boy. Their concern turns to anxiety when they find Vincent's leash, and then they hear Walt's desperate cries for help…And when they see what has trapped the young boy inside the vines of a giant banyan tree, their anxiety turns to outright terror…
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