Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 16
Date Aired
2/16/2005 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
Meanwhile, Sawyer is obsessed with finding the boar who attacked him and goes into the jungle to find it, accompanied by Kate. The next morning the two of them wake up to find that Sawyer's belongings have been ruined while Kate's remain untouched. Locke then comes out of the jungle and tells them a story from his childhood. He says that his sister died very young and their foster mother blamed herself, suffering a severe depression. But a few months later a dog came into the house and his foster mother suddenly felt much better. The dog even slept in his sister's room. And when his foster mother died years later the dog vanished completely. When asked if the dog was supposed to have been his sister, Locke replies "That's just silly. But my mother seemed to think so." Sawyer then has another flashback where he goes to an Australian bar and meets a man there. They have a talk, and the man tells Sawyer that if something is making him miserable he should take care of it before it destroys him. So Sawyer goes back to the shrimp shop and shoots the older Sawyer. However, it is revealed through their subsequent conversation that the man he shot isn't the real Sawyer, and that he has been duped into assassinating an innocent man. The man's last words are "It'll come back around". Meanwhile, Sawyer catches up to the boar and decides to leave it rather than kill it. He returns to camp and gives Jack back the gun he was given for their previous encounter with Ethan. Now all the guns are with Jack, who returns them to the marshal's case. They start to talk, and something Jack says ("that's why the Red Sox will never win the Series," apparently without knowledge of the 2004 World Series) makes Sawyer realize the man in the Australian bar he was talking to was actually Jack's father.
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