Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 17
Date Aired
2/23/2005 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
Jin has flashbacks of when he started working for Sun's father, the head of a Korean chaebol (a large, typically family-owned corporation—in this case, a car company) and a man who is not above using violent methods to get what he wants. He worked for Sun's father to prove his commitment and worthiness to marry Sun, claiming he would do anything to marry her. Sun's father gives Jin a task of conveying a message of his displeasure to the Under-Secretary for Environmental Safety. At the Secretary's house, Hurley can be seen getting into a car on the television in the background. Jin relays the message and seems confused when the visibly terrified man gives him the puppy we saw him bring to Sun in a previous episode. However, upon finding Jin has not done what was implied for him to do, Sun's father reprimands Jin and directs him to return to the Secretary's home, with a hit man. Jin returns to the Secretary's house, but before the hit man can act, beats up the Secretary in front of his family, to give him "the message" as Sun's father originally intended and essentially save him from being murdered. The raft Michael had been building is burned. Immediately Michael suspects Jin due to their disagreements in the past, however, Sawyer finds Jin first, roughs him up, and handcuffs him. Later Sawyer releases Jin on the beach and he and Michael fight each other. The rest of the survivors watch the fight, hesitant to stop it until Sun yells out in English for them to stop. The survivors are dumbfounded that she knows English and has been keeping it from them the whole time. Jin is obviously distraught at this revelation. Later, Locke sits down to play a game with Walt, and asks him bluntly "Why did you burn the raft, Walt?" Walt then says that he is tired of always moving and he likes it on the island. Locke agrees with him. In the cave, Jin has another flashback, revealing that his father is not dead. His father asks him why he works for Sun's father, and advises him to run with her to America. Back on the island, Jin disregards his father's advice and tells Sun that it is too late to save their marriage, and goes to help Michael build a new boat.
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