Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 18
Date Aired
3/2/2005 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
Hurley has flashbacks of his winning the lottery with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, which he claims to everyone "just came to him". In truth, Hurley had overheard them from a former U.S. Naval officer named Leonard Simms who is currently in a mental institution where Hurley may have been a former patient. After winning the lottery, Hurley starts thinking that the numbers are cursed, but no one else believes him. From the time he won the lottery it appears that everyone around him is hurt or has disastrous bad luck, including the box company he bought with his winnings that went under (Note: Locke worked in a box company before he went to Australia) When Jack and Hurley question Sayid about Rousseau Hurley notices that the French woman had written Hurley's winning lottery numbers over and over on a piece of paper. Hurley then sets out to find Rousseau and the origin of the numbers, which is paralleled in his flashbacks as he attempts to find out the origins of the numbers at that time as well. Hurley learns that Leonard and a friend had overheard the numbers being repeatedly broadcast over the radio and used the numbers similarly to how Hurley did and also came to believe that the numbers were cursed. The transmission is the same transmission that diverted the French woman and her companions towards the island, causing their shipwreck. Rousseau is the only person to believe Hurley when he says the numbers are cursed. Michael and Jin continue to build a second raft, but they are having trouble communicating. Locke enlists the help of Claire to build a mysterious object. Towards completion, Claire reveals that it is her birthday. The object turns out to be a cradle for when the baby is born—a birthday gift from the smiling survivalist/handyman. At the end of the show, the camera shows us the metal object Boone and Locke discovered buried in the jungle (which appears to be a hatch of some sort) with the numbers embossed in it. Earlier in the show during Hurley's flashback, Hurley visited Leonard and told Leonard what he had done with the numbers. Leonard suddenly became lucid excitedly saying about how Hurley had "opened the box" and how he must "get away from those numbers" or it "won't stop".
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