Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 2
Date Aired
9/29/2004 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
At the crash site, the survivors salvage what they can. Except young Walt, who is scouring the jungle for his missing dog. During his search he finds something unusual. A pair of handcuffs… Back at the beach, Sawyer fights with Sayid, convinced that he's a terrorist. Jack and the others separate them, and it turns out that Sayid could have the skills to patch up the transceiver. As a signal party sets out to transmit an SOS from high ground, Jack is called to tend to a horribly injured survivor who needs surgery to remove a piece of wreckage from his abdomen. Meanwhile, still searching for his dog, young Walt comes across the mysterious Locke – who offers to share a 'secret' with him. Up ahead, the signal party is attacked by a ferocious animal – which is shot by Sawyer. When they examine the dead animal, no one is prepared for what they discover… Sawyer explains he got the gun from the body of a dead US Marshall. But where is the prisoner the dead man was transporting? Back on the beach, Jack's patient regains consciousness – right in the middle of his primitive operation. Despite the pain, he is consumed by one question: "Where is she?" At high altitude, the group are finally able to get a signal. But they can't transmit because another, almost incomprehensible message is being transmitted from the island. And when they finally decipher this distress call – they become more terrified than ever…
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