Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 23
Date Aired
5/18/2005 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
Rousseau comes to the beach camp to warn the castaways that enemies known only as "The Others" are coming. She tells her story again, and reveals that she was 7 months pregnant when she arrived on the island; a week after her baby daughter was born, she was taken by "The Others". She also mentions that "The Others"' arrival was heralded by a column of black smoke. Rousseau's warning hastens the launch of the raft. As they are pushing the raft towards the sea, Sawyer uses his lever incorrectly, and the mast of the ship is damaged. As Jin and Michael work to fix it, Sawyer feels like his work is unappreciated, and goes off into the woods to cut a new mast by himself. At this time, Walt notices a column of black smoke coming from within the forest. Locke suggests that the only place to hide their large group would be in the metallic structure that he has found, but still has no way to open. He suggests that they try Rousseau's dynamite, which would require them to venture back into the woods. Jack plans a squad to go out. Surprisingly, Mr. Arzt volunteers to go, as he knows how to handle volatile dynamite better than anyone else. Before they leave, Jack wishes Sawyer a safe trip, and Sawyer reveals that he spoke to Jack's father before his death; he tells Jack that his father was proud of him. Walt leaves Vincent in the custody of Shannon, saying that Vincent was good company when his Mother died, and that he might do the same for Shannon after Boone's death. Sun says goodbye to Jin, and hands him a notebook with common English language nautical words and phrases, written out phonetically in Korean. They make up, and he says that he will still go on the raft, as he wants to do this to rescue her. Jin, Walt, Michael and Sawyer set off in their raft, which appears to be fully operational. Vincent originally attempts to paddle out and follow them, but Walt orders him to turn around, which he does, quite quickly. Jack, Kate, Rousseau, Locke, Hurley, and Mr. Arzt journey into the woods when they hear the beast in the forest again. They are scared, but the beast leaves them unharmed. Rousseau states that the beast is the island's defense system. As they journey further, Rousseau states that they have arrived at "The Black Rock", which turns out not to be a geological formation, but a shipwrecked sailing ship. She then leaves them. Like the pilot episode, this episode featured flashbacks from multiple characters, each a single continuous scene from the perspective of one character. Each flashback shows what the main characters were doing in their final hours before the flight: In the first, Walt is watching Power Rangers: SPD in his room, which irritates his sleeping father; after an outburst, Walt attempts to run away with Vincent, but Michael brings him back. In another flashback, Jack is conversing in the airport bar with another passenger on flight 815 before the boarding of the plane; she flirts with Jack, who reveals that he is no longer married. She says that she is sitting in seat 42F. In Sawyer's flashback, he has been taken into the police station. This is presumably directly after his cameo in Hearts and Minds. The investigator tells him that he knows all about his cons, and books him on the flight out of Australia. It is revealed here that Sawyer headbutted the Australian Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister Warren Truss. There is a Warren Truss who was the Agriculture Minister but shortly after that episode was aired, Truss was elected deputy leader of the National Party, the junior coalition government party and moved from Agriculture to become Transport Minister. Kate's flashback reveals that the Marshal knew that the toy airplane was the only thing of value left to her, so he had baited her with it. When he denigrates the memory of Tom, she attacks him, but is subdued. Sun's flashback shows her bringing Jin coffee and food in the airport prior to their flight, while an American woman comments to her husband that the relationship between Sun and Jin is one of subservience, not realizing that Sun understands English. In response to these comments, Sun apparently intentionally spills coffee into Jin's lap. In Shannon's flashback, she is waiting for Boone to attempt to upgrade their seats to first class when Sayid asks if he can leave his bag with her. She agrees, and he walks off. When Boone returns, saying that the agent wouldn't upgrade their seats because Shannon had been difficult during check-in, she storms off to try again, leaving Sayid's bag unattended. As Boone is questioning how immoral she can be, she notifies a guard that "Some Arab guy" left a suspicious bag in the waiting area. Interesting Fact: When Jin and Michael are repairing the raft, Michael angrily says to Jin "No, no, no. This one goes there, that one goes there" which is the exact same thing Han Solo told Chewbacca in The Empire Strikes Back as they repaired the Millennium Falcon. In the next episode Sawyer refers to Michael and Jin as Han and Chewie. The episode also aired the day before Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was released in theaters.
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