Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 24
Date Aired
5/25/2005 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
Jack, Kate and Locke go into The Black Rock and find the crate of dynamite. While attempting to handle the dynamite carefully, Arzt himself triggers one of the sticks and is blown up. The remaining group members decide to continue their attempt to carry the dynamite, and wrap it in wet cloth. Locke suggests that they carry a redundant backup; in case one of the carriers blows up, the other will still be able to blow the hatch. Locke, Kate, and Jack all want to volunteer to carry the dynamite, so they draw straws for the responsibility. Jack draws the long stick, so Kate and Locke carry the dynamite. On their way back to the hatch, Jack and Kate see what seems a small cloud of smoke move in an unnatural way through some near trees, they hear the rumbling of the monster. According to plan, Jack and Locke drop their packs, but Kate forgets and keeps hers on. Locke wants to get a glimpse of the monster, and ends up getting nearly under it. His leg becomes ensnared in a chain mechanism of some kind, which drags him through the jungle. Jack grabs onto his arm and is dragged as well, and prevents Locke from getting dragged into a deep cavern underground. Though Locke pleads with Jack to let him get dragged under, Jack instead tells Kate to grab dynamite out of his bag and drop one down, revealing that he had in fact switched the content of their packs. Kate drops the dynamite down the tunnel, causing an underground explosion, resulting in black smoke similar to that seen before coming out of a nearby hole on the horizon, moving in a bizarre, almost supernatural way, and disappearing, all in less than a second. The hold on Locke slackens, and they are able to extract him. Later, Locke reveals that the reason he wanted to fall in the cavern is because it was his destiny and he felt the island was testing him. On the beach, Sayid is leading the group back to the caves, awaiting Jack's party's return. Charlie and Claire are alone on the beach when Rousseau runs up, telling Charlie that she needs to see Sayid urgently. When Charlie runs off to get Sayid, Rousseau begins asking Claire to hold her baby, and Claire tries to make several excuses why she can't give Rousseau the baby. Claire sees a strange scar on Rousseau's arm and has a short ambiguous flashback to a struggle between Rousseau and herself. Soon Charlie and Sayid return to find Claire exclaiming that her baby has been taken, and Sayid surmises that Rousseau intends to attempt an exchange of Aaron (which Claire names) for her own child, Alex, with "The Others". Charlie and Sayid go toward the black smoke, with little daylight left. On their journey they encounter a trap set by Rousseau, which injures Charlie momentarily. Charlie's wound is bleeding profusely, and Sayid orders him to go back to the camp, but Charlie refuses. Sayid then cuts open a bullet, pours the gunpowder into the wound, and sets it on fire to cauterize the injury. They also encounter the downed drug smugglers' plane, and Sayid reveals to Charlie that it is full of heroin, ignorant of Charlie's junkie past. When Sayid and Charlie arrive on the beach with the black smoke, there are no other people, just a pyre. The sound of the baby crying alerts them to Rousseau hiding in the bushes. She cries and tells them that she overheard them saying that they were going to go after "the boy," and she thought that if she brought him to them, they would return her child. She returns the baby, and they reunite it with Claire. It is revealed that Charlie kept at least one of the statues filled with heroin in his bag. On the raft, the crew is sailing according to plan, and Michael bonds with Walt. Walt learns about Sawyer's long term search for revenge. Michael returns Jin the watch which caused a fight between them earlier in the series. At one point, the rudder breaks off, and Sawyer dives into the water after it, risking his life. At this point, Michael discovers that Sawyer has a gun, but decides not to tell the others. One night, their radar sweep turns up a boat in the distance. They fire their single flare, and the boat approaches them. Though they think they are about to be saved, it turns out to be a group of strangers who demand that they hand over Walt. Sawyer tries to pull his gun, but he is shot by one of the other crewmen and falls into the water. Jin jumps into the water to try and save Sawyer, while the strangers overpower Michael and kidnap Walt. As they sail off, they throw an explosive onto the raft, destroying it. The episode ends with Jack, Kate, Locke, and Hurley arriving at the hatch. They manage to set the dynamite up on the hinge of the hatch, and are about to set it off when Hurley notices the appearance of "The Numbers" on the side. He yells at them not to light it, but Locke lights the fuse anyway. Hurley tries to stamp out the fuse, repeating "the numbers are bad," but Jack tackles him, and the dynamite explodes. They pry open the hatch to reveal a deep, dark metal tunnel. A partial ladder (with broken rungs) can be seen near the top of the tunnel. Though we don't know what is inside yet, one thing is certain-it's a long way down… As in Part 1, the flashbacks in this episode deal with each characters' experiences leading up to the flight. Jin's flashback follows Sun's flashback from the previous episode. When Jin goes to the bathroom, he encounters a casually dressed causasian man who conversationally asks him for a paper towel in English. When Jin indicates that he speaks no English, the man switches to Korean. Seeming somewhat more menacing now, he then reveals that he works for Mr. Paik, and knows that Jin was attempting to run away with Sun. He tells Jin to complete his delivery of a watch to an associate in Los Angeles. Charlie's flashback is of him looking for his stash before leaving for his flight. A girl from the previous night is in his bed. As Charlie finds the drugs, she asks if he has any left. He lies and says that he's out, but she can tell that he's lying and attacks him for the drugs. Sayid's flashback is of the airport officers apologizing for harassing him about his bag.</p><p>Michael's flashback is of him and Walt in the airport waiting for their flight. Walt is absorbed in his Game Boy Advance SP, and Michael is obviously frustrated that they can't connect. He gets up, claiming to need to call work, but he really calls his mother. He expresses his exasperation to his mother, and asks if she can take care of Walt, eventually offering to pay her. Locke makes a split second onscreen appearance while Michael is on the phone being pushed in his wheelchair. When Michael hangs up, Walt is right next to him, and may have heard the whole conversation. Hurley's flashback is fairly comedic, and shows him waking up late for his flight due to a localized power outage. In a mad dash for the airport, he experiences several other problems, including a flat tire, arriving at the wrong terminal; he buys an electronic scooter from an old man for $1600 and manages to get to the terminal just as they are closing the gate. While Hurley is racing to the terminal, it looks like Boone makes a split second appearance in the background; it's hard to see him but it definitely looks like him with the dark hair and dark eyebrows. Arzt makes an appearance as Hurley tries to cut through security. (Interestingly, given that they're on the same flight, Arzt would be just as late as Hurley, and yet doesn't seem nearly as panicked as Hurley (possibly because he's much closer to the front of the security line).) At the gate, Hurley finds the doors closed, but the stewardess is able to get them to reopen the doors for him, and he hugs her effusively. This is the longest flashback in the episode and, as expected, the numbers feature prominently. Hurley is shown to be staying in room 2342, his digital display in his car shows that it is 23 degrees outside, and he is originally going 42 km/h; when he gets a flat tire he slows first to 16, then 15, then 8, and finally 4 before the display cuts out altogether. As he is running through the airport, he passes a team of soccer players, wearing jerseys with "the numbers" in numerical order. Another revelation from this flashback is that Hurley and Charlie stayed in the same hotel (Charlie yells at him for holding up a full elevator), and the elevator bank looks exactly like the hotel that Michael and Walt stayed at as well. In Locke's flashback, they have lost the wheelchair normally used to load disabled passengers onto the plane, and he must be carried on to the plane by two attendants. When he drops a pamphlet from his seat, he is unable to reach it. He is clearly frustrated by the whole situation, and struggles to maintain his dignity.There is a final montage of all of the passengers getting on the plane (except for Locke, who was seated early as a disabled passenger). It is fairly uneventful, although when Hurley gets on the plane he gives a thumbs up to Walt, who looks up from his Gameboy for the first time and smiles. Hurley smiles back, sits down, puts on his headphones and starts reading his comic book - the same comic book that Walt found after the plane crash. Mr. Arzt also helps Claire put her bag in the overhead compartment. This montage basically shows how prior to the crash each of the survivors had a brief interaction with another one of the survivors.
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