Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 3
Date Aired
10/6/2004 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
As Jack tends the injured marshal, he finds a photograph of the missing fugitive. His face registers profound shock… At the signal party camp, an argument breaks out over who should have the gun – and Kate reluctantly agrees to keep it. Meanwhile, Hurley enters the infirmary tent and sees the photograph. He asks the question on everyone's lips: "What do you think she did?" The next morning, the signal party return to discover the marshal is fading fast. He needs stronger antibiotics. Hurley tells Jack he's looked everywhere – except among the dead… Jack searches the wreckage, doing his best to avoid disturbing the bodies, and is shocked to discover Sawyer. He is combing the fuselage for a very different reason… In the infirmary tent, Hurley notices the gun in Kate's waistband. Suddenly, the marshal wakes up and has to be restrained as he lunges at Kate… Meanwhile, Michael searches for Walt's missing dog. He hears something in the tall grass - something dangerous. In his frantic escape, he runs smack into Sun, who is washing herself. Back on the beach, the marshal is dying. Loudly. His screams are taking their toll on the rest of the group. Suddenly, a shot rings out. Sawyer emerges from the tent – claiming he did what had to be done. He is interrupted by more groans… Sawyer has botched the job. Enraged, Jack throws him out the tent. A few moments later, the moans stop for good. Jack emerges and walks past Sawyer without a word.
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