Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 7
Date Aired
11/3/2004 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
Charlie, suffering the pangs of withdrawal, begs Locke to return his drugs. Locke refuses - but explains that if Charlie asks three times then he'll return his drugs. This is the first time… Back on the beach, Sayid has come up with a plan to get a fix on the French broadcast signal. But he needs a battery for the transceiver. Can Kate persuade Sawyer to contribute a battery from his hoard of supplies? Meanwhile, Jack and Hurley continue to move bags from the beach to the caves. Charlie offers to help, but Jack catches him attempting to pocket some pills and sends him away. In the cave, Charlie confronts Jack, ranting and raving in fury. Suddenly, the cave walls start to collapse, sending rocks and dirt everywhere. Charlie escapes, but Jack is trapped inside! Everyone joins in a desperate scramble to clear the rockslide, until Michael takes over. He stops the frenzied scrabbling and coordinates the rescue dig. Charlie goes in search of Locke, ostensibly to tell him about Jack, but Locke sees right through him - he just wants his drugs. Locke goes on to remind Charlie that if he asks one more time, the drugs will be his… At the caves, Michael informs the group that someone small will have to go in after Jack. Charlie emerges from the woods and volunteers… In the jungle, Sayid makes final preparations to receive the signal, but is in for an unwelcome surprise. It seems that someone or something doesn't want them to get off the island… In the end, Charlie, who's sense of self-worth has been increasingly diminished, finds new confidence after rescuing Jack, and choosing to toss his drugs into a fire.
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