Image from Lost Season 1 Episode 9
Date Aired
11/17/2004 12:00:00 AM
Run Time
On his own, Sayid finds a cable running out of the ocean and into the jungle. He follows it, is captured, and tortured by a mysterious woman who identifies herself as Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan). It is her voice on the automatically repeating distress call; she seems mentally unbalanced. She claims to have been stranded on the island when a "science expedition" ran aground there. She also claims to have killed most of the other expedition members after they became "infected"—controlled by some sort of disease or mind control (this is very vague). She also warns him to keep an eye on the others.In his flashbacks, we learn of Sayid's career in the Republican Guard, and how he conspired to help a childhood friend, Noor (nicknamed Nadia), escape execution and developed feelings for her.Meanwhile, Hurley builds a golf course (site of "the first — and hopefully only — Island Open", in his words) to improve morale among the castaways, and Locke agrees, without Michael's knowledge, to teach Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) some woodcraft. Another new character, Ethan (William Mapother), helps Locke hunt.Sayid eventually escapes from Rousseau's bunker, but he hears the whispering voices in the jungle of which she spoke.
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