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Juliet had an interview with Richard Alpert who was very interested in recruiting her to join their team which based out of the Portland area. However, during the interview Juliet made a distraught, off-hand remark that the only way her ex-husband would allow her to join was if he was hit by a bus. Edmund was in fact, later hit by a bus, and died due to his injuries. It was at the morgue that Richard returned, with his colleague Ethan Rom. They attempted to convince her to join and stated that it could be for just six months, and that she would be able to return in time for her sister to give birth, and then added that they are very thorough in their recruitment process. Richard then retracted his earlier statement about Mittelos being in Portland, and revealed that the location was actually very remote. Juliet mentioned to Richard that no one in the medical community had even heard of Mittelos BioScience.