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Ana Lucia Cortez was an ex-police officer who had deep seated mental issues, due to a shooting which killed her unborn child. She turned to revenge and shot the culprit before going on the run to Australia with a man, who insisted on being called by the fake name 'Tom'. She eventually decided to own up and booked a seat on Oceanic Flight 815. She sat in the tail section of Flight 815 when it crashed, and she took the leadership role in the Tailies group after the crash. She led her party across the Island, unintentionally reuniting them with the rest of the passengers under extremely tragic circumstances; she shot and killed Shannon. She seemed to develop a comeraderie with Jack, as well as Sawyer, after their initial butting heads. Ana Lucia was known to be very emotionally cold and violent. After surviving for 64 days on the Island, she was murdered in cold blood by Michael.

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