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Benjamin Linus, more commonly known as Ben, is a long-time resident of the Island and a former leader of the Others, and passenger as well as survivor of Ajira Flight 316 in 2008. He came to the Island as a child, brought by his father Roger who worked for the DHARMA Initiative. After being educated on the Island, Ben became a workman for the Initiative. At some point, however, he allied himself with the Hostiles. After the destruction of the Initiative on the Island in the Purge, which Ben himself was part of, he became the leader of the successor group to the Hostiles known as the Others. In 2004, when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the island, the survivors came head-to-head with Ben and the Others on many occasions. Ben ordered the Others to a location called the Temple for safety against the freighter and became a captive member of John Locke's group on the Island. Ben appears to be able to summon the Monster. On December 31st, 2004, Ben fulfilled Jacob's orders by moving the Island; in doing so he sacrificed his presence on the Island and his leadership over the Others - he told Locke to take his place. Ben was banished to the Sahara desert ten months into the future (2005), and since then discovered that the Oceanic Six had also left the Island. He enlisted the help of Sayid in his war against Charles Widmore, and vowed to kill Widmore's daughter Penelope in revenge for the death of his own.

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