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Charlie Hieronymus Pace was a survivor from the middle section of Oceanic Flight 815. Before the crash, he was the bassist and principal songwriter for the rock band Drive Shaft. When Flight 815 crashed, Charlie was snorting heroin in one of the plane's bathrooms. His drug addiction and crippling self-doubt were the biggest obstacles in his life. Like many of the survivors, the crash provided Charlie with a fresh start. On the Island, he formed a relationship with Claire Littleton and her son Aaron. After avoiding deaths foreseen by Desmond several times, Charlie finally died willingly to save the other survivors. He drowned on Day 91, and after returning from the the Looking Glass station, Desmond told those on the beach of his death. After Hurley gets off the Island, he is haunted by visions of Charlie, who tells him that he must return to the Island.

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