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Charlotte Staples Lewis was a gifted cultural anthropologist, who grew up on the Island where her parents were members of the DHARMA Initiative. She eventually escaped with just her mother, leaving her dad (and possibly two younger sisters) behind. She spent the rest of her life trying to find the Island again. This was mostly due to her mother's insistence that she had made it all up, and for a chance to find her dad. She then finally parachuted back onto the Island on day 91, as part of the freighter science team. She arrived at the beach camp with Daniel Faraday, where her presence aroused the suspicions of the survivors due to her secrecy and dishonesty about their mission while on the Island. Following Benjamin Linus's turning of the frozen wheel and the increasing frequency of the time flashes that ensued, Charlotte began suffering the effects of temporal displacement, which she succumbed to 16 days after her arrival on the Island.

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