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Claire Littleton is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She is Jack Shephard's half-sister, although she does not know this. She is the mother of Aaron Littleton who was born on the Island soon after the crash, and has done her best to take care of Aaron. When she was seventeen, Claire was involved in a car crash which caused her mother to fall into a coma for five years, but in turn led her to meet her true father for the first time since he left. During her time on the Island, she entered an inconsistent relationship with fellow survivor, Charlie Pace; however she was reluctant to let Charlie into Aaron's life because of Charlie's drug use and erratic behavior. Aaron was a focal interest point within the Others, and Claire was almost deceived into giving him away and on many occasions on the Island Claire's faith towards motherhood has been tested. Following Charlie's tragic death, Claire joined Locke's group. She left Locke's group with Aaron, Sawyer and Miles, and then followed her dead father Christian Shephard into the jungle. She was last seen with Christian in Jacob's cabin by Locke.

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