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Enzo Valenzetti is the reclusive Princeton University mathematician who was commissioned by the UN in 1962 to investigate the threat of mankind extinguishing itself. The result of his research was the Valenzetti Equation. Whilst the UN decided to disregard the equation, Alvar Hanso did not, and continued Valenzetti's ideas in an attempt to alter the results of the equation (thereby manipulating and extending the life of mankind). Valenzetti's mathematical equation was investigated by Gary Troup, who wrote about him and his equation in his out of print book The Valenzetti Equation. It is said that Valenzetti died in a horrific plane crash over the Apennine Mountains, though this has been challenged by Rachel Blake (see below), and no body was ever reportedly found. Information on Enzo Valenzetti's background comes almost entirely from a Wikipedia article on the Valenzetti Equation created by those behind the Lost Experience. However, as the content is complete fiction, it was removed from the website by Wikipedia's moderators. The information was confirmed by Speaker, however, to be "VERY accurate", and has been accepted as official information as part of the alternate reality game. Much later, in-game website reiterated much of the information from the old Wikipedia article for fans who may have missed the clue before Wikipedia removed the information.