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Henry Gale was a man who had arrived on the island an unspecified amount of time ago, and was buried underneath the balloon which he has traveled in. The balloon in which Henry was traveling in, had a sticker on the side for Widmore Labs. Henry was traveling across the Pacific by himself, and became stranded when his balloon was snagged in a tree. Henry took a $20 bill from his wallet, and wrote his true feeling and final thoughts of his wife Jennifer on it: Jennifer, Well you were right. Crossing the Pacific isn't easy. I owe you a beer. I'm hiking to one of the beaches to start a signal fire, but if you're reading this, I guess I didn't make it. I'm sorry, I love you Jenny, always have, always will. Yours, Henry It is unknown how Henry died, but he was later buried under his balloon, and had his identity stolen by Benjamin Linus, the man who later would impersonate him.