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ARG Character


Hugh McIntyre was the Communications Director of the Hanso Foundation, in the storyline of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience, and made several "real" appearances: He wrote to dismiss the "false information" made in the novel Bad Twin by means of a public announcement in national (USA) newspapers on May 9, 2006. He also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! television program. According to Persephone, he cheated on his wife but this has been refuted by him on the program. However, new information from Rachel Blake revealed that he has been having an extramarital affair with the Corporate Liaison of the Global Welfare Consortium, Darla Taft, who turned out to be GidgetGirl, one of Rachel Blake's informants. McIntyre died along with Taft in an automobile 'accident'. See Rachel Blake's post for more information on their deaths. McIntyre was married and apparently had a daughter named Megan.