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John Locke is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His paralysis was immediately healed upon crashing on the Island, which has ultimately led him to believe he has some sort of special connection to the Island. He was sometimes shown in opposition to Benjamin Linus, although they share several traits including the ability to commune with Jacob. Seen as antithetical to Jack Shephard, he and Jack were philosophical opposites and used to share leadership among the survivors. Locke eventually separated himself from most of the camp, and led the group of his supporters to the Barracks, where they became the first Island inhabitants to be attacked by freighter mercenaries. Locke then established contact with Jacob through Christian, who told him about a way to ultimately save the Island. After the Island was moved, Locke assumed leadership of the Others, but was then immediately separated from them as a result of the Island skipping through time. After traveling to the Orchid Locke left the Island. Using the pseudonym Jeremy Bentham he made contact with former castaways in an attempt to bring the Oceanic Six back to the Island. At some point afterwards, Locke appeared to have hanged himself, but in reality, it was Benjamin Linus who killed him upon hearing the name Eloise Hawking. His body was aboard Flight 316 when it crashed on the Island, after which he was seemingly brought back to life.

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