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Leonard Simms was a U.S. naval officer stationed in the South Pacific before and/or during 1988. With his friend and fellow officer Sam Toomey, Leonard monitored longwave radio transmission at a government listening post. In 1988, the station picked up a transmission consisting of the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 repeating on a loop. (Danielle Rousseau and her science team also caught the transmission around that same time.) The Numbers stayed with Leonard and Sam. After Toomey used the numbers in a game of chance, a plague of bad luck seemed to befall those around him. Leonard and Sam believed the Numbers to be cursed, driving Sam to suicide, and Leonard to insanity. At an unknown time, Leonard was admitted to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. He spent all of his time playing the game Connect Four with himself, while endlessly repeating the numbers.

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