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Liam Pace is the lead singer of Drive Shaft, and Charlie's older brother. Liam gives Charlie the DS Ring Charlie and Liam formed a band called Drive Shaft. Early on in their musical career, the group were driving to a gig, when suddenly one tire of their van blew. Charlie explains that he has had enough of band-life and is ready to quit, much to Liam's dismay. Suddenly they hear "You All Everybody" on the radio for the first time, and celebrate. Charlie decides to stay with the band. Liam became a drug addict while touring with Drive Shaft. One Christmas, Liam gives Charlie his great-grandfather's DS Ring - a Pace family heirloom that their mother had given to Liam. Charlie refuses, but Liam explains that out of the two of them Charlie is the one who is going to have a family and live past 30. Charlie then says he will hold the ring for his brother but that he will not take it from him. Drive Shaft some time later, at a gig, Liam steals Charlie's lines. Charlie becomes angry with Liam when he sees him retire to the dressing room just after a show with a girl in one arm and a wrap of cocaine in the other. At another show, Charlie enters Liam's dressing room, ordering Liam's girls to get out. The main singer has missed the sound-check, and seeing his brother in the state that he is in, Charlie asks Liam to make good on his promise to walk away. Liam refuses, saying that without the band, Charlie is nothing, and he storms out of the room. Just afterwards, Charlie sees Liam's heroin stash and takes some of it, leading to his own addiction.