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Elizabeth, more commonly known as Libby, was one of the tail-section survivors of Flight 815. She claimed to be a clinical psychologist before the crash, apparently dropping out of medical school sometime during her first year. She developed a romantic interest in Hurley on the Island, which was reciprocated over the course of the second season. A competent and caring woman who acted as a support figure, she seemed reserved about her own life, giving out little information when asked, or avoiding answering altogether. Michael shot and killed her out of shock, as she walked in on him fatally shooting Ana Lucia. Jack desperately tried to keep her alive, but she later died of her wounds on day 65, before she could tell anyone who had murdered her. Since the only flashback that she played a major role in took place on the Island, little is known about her back-story. Adding to the mystery is the fact that her surname has yet to be revealed. She also is featured in flashbacks of other main characters under mysterious circumstances.

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