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Ben looks at the pictures of the young Alex on his wall.Ben's house is located in the Barracks. Ben is seen exiting it to watch Flight 815 break apart in "A Tale of Two Cities". It has since been refitted to make access and living easier for a wheelchair-bound Ben, including a motorized bed shown in "The Man from Tallahassee". In the same episode, Locke makes note of all the modern conveniences that the Others seem to enjoy, such as electricity, running water, and "chicken in the fridge". Masks line Ben's house's walls.Ben's house contains a collection of paintings of various locations on the Island; these are mounted upon the walls in at least two rooms. There are photographs of Alex at various ages also framed on the walls, as well as a painting of a woman, which was also seen in the Linus' home in "The Man Behind the Curtain". There are also various carved masks and relics hanging throughout the house. Ben's house is two stories, unlike the rest of the Others' houses. The house's basement is grayer and more industrial looking than the floor above it. Ben used it to hold Locke's father, Anthony Cooper, and Locke used it to imprison Ben. A large, heavy bookcase on the ground floor of Ben's house conceals a passage to a secret closet. The room contains bundles of cash in a variety of currencies, multiple passports for Ben Linus, and shoes and clothing suitable for the outside world. The room also has a thick, heavy barrier that drops down to seal the entrance from the house. Behind the row of Ben's suit jackets in the secret closet lies yet another hidden door, this one made of stone with carvings and appearing to be very old.Beyond this door is a small tunnel that leads to a pool of stagnant, brown water. The Monster can be summoned by pulling a plug at the bottom of the pool, allowing the water to escape through a drain. Following the breakup of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors into factions, Locke took Ben's house for his own. Behind one of the paintings in his living room, Ben has a safe, in which he keeps two objects: A videotape labeled "Red Sox", which has a recording of Charles Widmore beating up a blindfolded man, and a very thin folder which Ben claims has everything he knows about Widmore.