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Hydra Island (unofficial title) is a small island off the coast of the main island. It is where the Hydra station is located. Ben shows Sawyer the Hydra Island lookout to tell him there is no chance of him escaping. Ben also states that the Hydra Island is only about twice the size of Alcatraz Island which makes the land area about 0.06 square miles (just under 1/4 mile by 1/4 mile). However, in subsequent appearances, particularly when seen by air in "Namaste", the island appears much larger, with multiple mountain ridges and expanses of jungle. The distance from Hydra Island to the main island is unclear. Both Juliet & Sawyer report that Hydra Island is "about 2 miles offshore" of the main Island. Ben, however, directs Lapidus to a small dock on the main island approximately a half mile due south from Hydra Island. This portion of coastline is close to the Barracks. The Others have mentioned using a submarine to travel between the two islands. Alex has an outrigger sailing canoe which she gives to Sawyer, Kate and Karl to escape the island. Alex says that there is no tunnel between Hydra Island and the main Island. This island is not where the Others live, but rather where they work on what they refer to as "projects". Most Others prefer to remain at "home", though they have at least one large boat that can provide transport to and from either of the islands. After the escape of Kate and Sawyer, the Others seem to have abandoned Hydra Island. Hydra Island moved along with the main island to an unknown location and time. Ajira Airways Flight 316 crashed on Hydra Island using the runway, and established camp there.

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