Parent Location
The Island
Place Type
DHARMA Initiative Stations


The Orchid is a DHARMA Initiative station surreptitiously dedicated to time travel research, under the guise of being a botanical research station. It is located in an underground chamber beneath a greenhouse, and draws energy for its experiments from the same anomalous energy source as the frozen wheel. This station is mentioned on the blast door map. At the 7:00 position, there is a notation: "Low Priority Zone for Exploration - Possible site for Above Ground Study of ?Flora?. Low Relevance to Valenzetti related Research Activity". The Orchid was temporarily inhabited by Keamy and his men in attempt to catch Benjamin Linus, in relation to something called the "Secondary Protocol". It was last seen on December 30, 2004 from Ben's perspective as he used the most subterranean level of the station to "move" the Island. He wore an Orchid parka with the name Halliwax printed on the left breast. As he turned a giant frozen wheel, a bright white light was generated in the Island's entire vicinity, and a humming (similar to that of the discharge) could be heard. When Ben wakes up in the Tunisian Desert in October 2005, he is wearing the same Orchid Jacket. He has steam coming off of him and still has the arm injury he sustained descending into the bottom level of the station. The Orchid was first mentioned in outtakes from its orientation film originally presented at the Lost Panel at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con and later on the Region 1 Season 3 DVD release. It was introduced by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse as a teaser for Season 4. The video is presented by Edgar Halliwax. According to the video, the Orchid, or "Station 6", is a fake botanical station that houses many numbered white rabbits. It seems to have an alarm system with elements similar to that of the Swan. The subject of the Orchid's research is described as "highly volatile and potentially dangerous", and reference is made to the Casimir effect.

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