Parent Location
The Island
Place Type
DHARMA Initiative Stations


The Swan (Electromagnetic Research Station). The Swan, a.k.a. the Hatch, was DHARMA Initiative station number 3. One of its entrances was discovered by Locke and Boone on day 16. The Swan was originally a laboratory where DHARMA scientists worked to understand the "unique electromagnetic fluctuations" emanating from the Island. However, after an "Incident", a protocol had to be followed in which two people would take shifts pressing a button (inputting the Numbers into a computer) every 108 minutes for 540 days per shift. The Swan imploded as the result of a system failure and fail-safe activation. A large crater now resides in its place. It is located in the south-western region of the Island, about a mile inland (fifteen minutes away according to Juliet) from the Survivors' camp. On the DHARMA grid it is located in grid 334 which is "Hostile territory".

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