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On The Island


Eko's stick was a walking staff made and carried by Mr. Eko; it was nicknamed the "Jesus stick" by Charlie and called a prayer stick by Locke. Eko made his staff from a branch he broke off on the beach, carving into it various Bible scriptures (book, chapter, and sometimes verse), a small cross, and the Numbers. When asked by Claire what he was carving, Eko answered, "Things I need to remember." After Locke and Desmond locked Eko out of the Swan, Desmond picks up Eko's stick and questions Locke on the significance of it, to which Locke replies that Eko carries it because he is a priest. Following the implosion of the Swan, Eko's stick fell out of a tree, almost hitting Locke, who was regaining consciousness when it fell. After Eko's death, Locke retrieved the stick. Locke intended to use the stick as a marker for Eko's grave. As he was pounding the stick into the ground, he noticed an inscription: "Lift up your eyes and look north John 3:05". Locke interprets "305" as a northward compass bearing, which leads John, Kate, and Sayid to the Flame station. Eko's stick is last seen at The Barracks in the backpack Locke demands Alex to get.
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